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The Clever Way New South Wales Business Owners Reduce Their Energy Bills In 2019


by Richard Edelmuth /    LED Business Owner    08/02/2019


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Like many other business owners in New South Wales, you’re probably concerned with your overheads, and rightfully so. With costs rising and rising, the task of managing a growing “overheads monster”, and making sure you have a steady cashflow to support it, is becoming increasingly challenging. Some business owners enjoy paying certain parts of their overheads, like salaries. They recognize their workers for the hard work they have done and want to reward them by paying them.

But then there are overheads like energy bills, which we suspect no business owner has a particular liking in paying. It’s just so expensive! To make matters worse and even less cost-effective, not many people know, but commercial planners have decided to use incredibly inefficient lighting in all offices, restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals or any other place that’s not residential, so that probably includes your business as well!  So, we end up having thousands of businesses, just in New South Wales, that spend unnecessary sums of money each year on ineffective lighting. Now here’s a business inefficiency for you!

The New South Wales government has recognized this problem and has created a commercial lighting incentive, which gets business owners to replace their existing lighting structure with LED lighting.  In the process, the lighting experts will come to you, give you a quote for the installment, and right then and there will tell you what your expected return on investment will be like, or in other words, how many months of saving excessive, unnecessary, inefficient expenses will cover the amount that you pay for the installment


It all depends on how much energy you use, but we guarantee you will make it back within less than two years (which we think is a no brainer if you are planning to have your business past 2021).


We at Proenergy Lighting have saved hundreds of dollars each year for thousands of clients across the state and we are ready to help you put your hard-earned money where it can truly work for you (not just go to waste). Don't just ask us, you can ask dozens of Sydney mega-retailers we've worked with over the last few years such as IGA, Toyota, LJ Hooker, Guess, Freedom and many more.

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